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(Message started by: Pete Finnigan on Mar 4th, 2010, 11:20am)

Title: Top 10 worst Oracle database configurations
Post by Pete Finnigan on Mar 4th, 2010, 11:20am
I'm working on a presentation about Oracle database security and I was thinking of adding a slide with the top 10 worst mistakes a DBA which have the most negative effect on the database security.

When I compiled the list I was thinking what a great topic for discussion this would be.

Here is my list up till now. It is a list of things that I commonly encounter (except 1 fortunately) and with a big impact.

1. No firewall protection for the db server
(Okay, firewalls usually aren't a topic the DBA works on, but he/she should at least check).

2. Default accounts with default passwords.

3. DBA-like privileges for non-DBAs or schema accounts.

4. No backup / no restore tested (which is equally bad).

5. Running Oracle versions <=9i out of the box. (They are out there plenty!)

6. Public database links to priviliged accounts on other databases.

7. Grants to PUBLIC (amongst which Oracle's DBMS_ and UTL_ packages)

8. Access to large parts of the operating system of the db server (utl_file_dir='*', directory objects to sensitive directories, Java privileges, extproc)

9. Never installing Critical Patch Updates.

10. Never monitoring database usage (no listener log, no auditing)

I probably have forgotten a thing or two (not requiring complex passwords also comes to mind) and the order of items needs some more thought, but there it is for now.

What is your Top 10?

Title: Re: Top 10 worst Oracle database configurations
Post by Pete Finnigan on Aug 23rd, 2010, 12:33pm
Hoi MJ,

How about only having 1 database.
All developers etc. directly in production...

For the rest we score 8/10.. we have a firewall, and O11..
Anyone up for a chalenge?


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