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Oracle Security from Limited

Pete Finnigan in his office

Pete Finnigan is the founder of, and a principal consultant with Limited, a company specialising in providing Oracle database security audits and Oracle database security training. On this site Pete has collected together a large array of papers and presentations about Oracle Security. He has also collected together quite an impressive array of Oracle Security Tools both free and commercial alternatives. Pete also maintains a list of Security alerts for Oracle software and there are also some short articles in my ramblings section and last and not least Pete maintains a weblog dedicated to Oracle Security news, views, articles, speculation and tools. There is also a dedicated forum where you can discuss Oracle Security tools and issues with colleagues and peers.

If you use Oracle database software and you value the data held in the databases you have deployed then this is a site that you need to visit and then digest the Oracle Security information provided. Identity theft and personal data theft is a world wide problem in current times. This sort of data in general resides in a database. Recent surveys have also found that the number of internal breaches of security in those companies and organisations polled has increased so that internal breaches now exceed external breaches. This in simple terms means that your Oracle database and the data it holds must be secured at the Oracle database level; firewalls and traditional network security are no longer enough. Oracle database security is where we can help you.

About Pete Finnigan

Pete Finnigan is the person who runs this site and he is based in the north of England in the city of York. He specialise in the Security of Oracle databases. Pete has been interested in Oracle Security for many years and more recently in generally database security. Pete has also written the book on the right for the SANS Institute.

Pete Finnigan works as an independant Oracle security consultant for his own company Limited. Pete specialises in performing detailed Oracle security IT Health checks against Oracle databases using a detailed methodology developed by Pete from many years of experience in securing databases. Pete performs this service for many clients worldwide but also offers other specialist consulting services in many areas related to Oracle security. Pete's company Limited is also developing a number of Oracle security training courses that will be available from early 2008. Pete and his company are available for any Oracle security related work and can often be hired for short term assignments at short notice.

Call us now on +44 7759 277220 or contact us via email on to discuss how we can help you secure your Oracle database.

Tools and Papers

One of the main focues of this site is to collect links to great papers about Oracle security and to annotate them. Pete also does the same with Oracle Security Tools. Pete has collected together an impressive array of free and commercial security tools for Oracle. If anyone knows of any tools missed then please don't hesitate to contact this website.

Blogs and Forums

One of the main parts of this website is Pete's Oracle Security Weblog and his Oracle Security Forum. Both of these resources provide up to date information and allow reader participation.

Up to date and current

Most importantly Pete maintains this site in his spare time and tries and keep it as up to date and current as possible. Perhaps public service is too strong a description but effort is made to try and maintain a vendor neutral position and unbiased. Database Security is important and Oracle is one of the main database software manufacturers so securing Oracle is important to a lot of people.

The site is also made up of many other pages and sections. Please feel free to come on in and browse.

Pete Finnigan is a member of the Oak Table Pete Finnigan is a member of the OakTable network. The OakTable network is a network of Oracle scientists who believe in better ways of administering and developing Oracle.