Is the data in your Oracle ™ Database secure?

  • Audit your own databases with PFCLScan
  • Secure your PL/SQL code with PFCLObfuscate
  • Get expert Oracle Security training
  • Hire us to audit and advise on securing your data

Oracle Security from Limited

If you use Oracle database software and you value the data held your databases then this is a site that you need to visit and then digest the Oracle Security information provided. Identity theft and personal data theft is a world wide problem in current times. Recent surveys have also found that the number of internal breaches of security in those companies and organisations polled has increased so that internal breaches now exceed external breaches. In simple terms this means that your Oracle database and the data it holds must be secured at the Oracle database level; firewalls and traditional network security are no longer enough. Oracle database security is what we do and where we can help you.

What Do We Do?

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Specialists in helping you secure data in your Oracle database. We offer the following services:

  • Detailed Oracle database security audit
  • Design of practical audit trails for your database
  • Oracle database security policy creation
  • Encryption solutions for your data

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