Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog's weblog is the only weblog dedicated to Oracle security. en-gb Copyright Ltd 2005, All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged 2023-02-18T04:31:12Z Pete Finnigan (mailto:webmaster\ Pete Finnigan (mailto:pete\'s weblog is the only weblog dedicated to Oracle security. Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog 20 Years of Securing Data in Oracle Databases This Sunday, the 12th of February 2023, is the 20th anniversary of the formation of my company Limited. Wow, 20 years has gone so fast and its appropriate to take stock and see where we have been and how....<a href="">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 09/02/23 At 10:48 AM</p> Looking for GRANT ALL on objects This is the second part of the GRANT ALL on objects post that I made recently. This final look at this issue covers a simple SQL script that can be used to locate common objects where GRANT ALL has been....<a href="">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 21/10/22 At 10:14 AM</p> Adding Scripting Languages to PL/SQL Applications - Part 1 That is an interesting title. PL/SQL is a scripting language so why would I want to talk about adding another scripting language to PL/SQL or even adding a compiler to PL/SQL. First what possibilities are there? PL/SQL can be used....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001503.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 30/09/22 At 12:49 PM</p> Granting ALL on Database Objects I was asked by a friend a few days ago a few questions related to the granting of ALL on a database object such as a table or a PL/SQL package. For example - GRANT ALL ON OWNER.TABLE TO DAVE....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001502.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 09/08/22 At 12:46 PM</p> Do You Worry Your Companies data is Being Stolen? The number of data breaches is seemingly growing daily and a lot of companies worry that they could be the next statistic of misery and embarrassment. Do you lose sleep worrying that your company could be breached and its data....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001501.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 05/08/22 At 12:47 PM</p> Searchlight a Product to Make Finding Data Easy Do you need to comply with GDPR and protect personal data but have no idea where to start to locate that data? Searchlight; is a tool to find your data . Limited have become the reseller for a great....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001500.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Searchlight On 29/07/22 At 11:22 AM</p> Oracle Security - Hidden Grant When Create a Role and Revoke in a CDB I am keen to reduce grants made in any customers database. One area we can focus on is this curios state of affairs that the creator of a role in the Oracle database is also granted that role as part....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001499.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 07/06/22 At 10:31 AM</p> Adaptive Database Auditing and Security We are working with customers to design security for their Oracle databases and also to help and design audit trails. An audit trail is the easiest countermeasure or control that can be added to a database because if you do....<a href="/weblog/archives/00001498.htm">[Read More]</a> <p>Posted by Pete On 25/05/22 At 07:38 PM</p>