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cpu Limited Oracle Security Advisory - Jan 2008 Critical Patch Update


Oracle Ultra-Search uses database and Oracle text functionallity to provide a uniform search function that is fully integrated with the SQL language and where it allows full text search capabilities within the database. For more details see Introduction to Oracle Ultra Search. The issue located by Limited relates to excessive privileges assigned to the WKSYS database schema/user account.


If the WKSYS schema exists then the risk is still present without application of the patch. The CVSS score is 3.0 which is low but the risk increases if the schema is accessible due to a weak password or an additional attack vector that allows code to run as WKSYS. Access to the schema, either directly or indirectly are required to expliot this issue.


If the Oracle Ultra-Search functionallity is not required either directly or indirectly then ensure that this component is not installed. This can be verified by checking if the WKSYS schema is present in the database.

Versions affected

The following Oracle database versions are affected

  • Database
    • and lower
    • and lower
    • and lower
  • Application Server
    • and lower
    • and lower
  • Collaboration Suite
    • 10.1.2 and lower

Patch Information Limited advises customers to apply the January 2008 CPU patch as soon as is practical. See - (broken link) Oracle's advisory for details of the patch availability matrix.


Pete Finnigan of Limited discovered this vulnerability.

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