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Oracle Security Training Courses - Anti Hacker Classes Limited provides Oracle security training courses covering many areas of Oracle security work. This is sometimes known as Oracle Anti Hacker training.These training courses have been developed and are taught by Pete Finnigan; one of the worlds most experienced and well known consultants in the area of securing data in Oracle databases. Pete is also well versed in many areas of securing data in Oracle databases covering areas such as audit trail design, securing and locking down a database, policy definition, use of tools such as IDS, IPS, Firewalls, Database Vault, Virtual Private Database and more. These courses ensure that the advice, content and techniques you receive are based on years of real world experience spent securing data held in customers Oracle databases.

All of these classes listed below and taught by Pete Finnigan are regularly updated with new and relevant materials and are up to date. The current classes have been designed to all use the same example systems and to tell a complete story should you choose to attend all of the classes. Very little material is duplicated across the classes but each class stands on its own merits. Limited offer 6 days of Oracle Security training with the following training courses:

Course Name Length Overview More Details...
How to Perform a Security Audit of an Oracle Database 2 Days Course Flyer... Learn More...
Secure Coding in PL/SQL 1 Day Course Flyer... Learn More...
Designing Practical Audit Trails for the Oracle Database 1 Day Course Flyer... Learn More...
Hardening and Securing Oracle 1 Day Course Flyer... Learn More...
An Appreciation of Oracle Security 1 Day Course Flyer... Learn More...

All of the training courses are written to support all current versions of the Oracle database from 11gR2 through 12cR2. If you are running older versions of Oracle don't worry as a lot of the material is also relevant from 9iR2 to 11gR2.

How To Attend Our Classes

We partner regularly with other companies who arrange public training dates for our classes. These are often organised either as in-person events across the UK, EU, UAE, Balkans, Mexico and Singapore. We also do live public training classes via on-line platforms with partners regularly. Our public training dates are available on our Public Training Dates page. These public training dates are usually arranged by partner companies.

We also occasionaly also organise in-person training classes in our home city of York. Also watch the Public Training Dates page for details of the next such class.

All of our classes can also be offered as a private training at your own site. This can be in-person where our instructor comes to you or on-line via web platforms such as Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts or similar. We have taught many successful on-line classes in the EU, USA and also Far east. We are based in the UK so EU classes on-line will be held during EU / UK hours but when the class is for students in the USA we normally split each teaching day into two and teach during morning / early afternoon USA time.

Having private training also allows a focus of the discussions and debate to your own organisation making each class relevant to you as well as generally. We are also able to make small customisations to the classes for you.

Pre-requisites And Course Materials

There are limited pre-requisites for the courses as each course includes a quick introduction to all of the relevant background information necessary to understand the main content, that said the people who will benefit most from the courses will undoubtedly already have experience of the core technologies involved. Students with basic experience with SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Unix and similar will understand the materials.

These courses will benefit database administrators, developers, security personnel and managers of the systems that must be secured. Each private course is offered at a fixed price base price plus a modest additional cost per student. Each public class has its per student fee set by the organiser. Please email to book a training course specific to your site, to discuss your individual requirements. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Each delegate will receive copies of the course materials (slides, documents etc as pdf files) and each delegate will also receive hundreds of free tools and scripts of which many are unique to course attendees.

Booking, More Details?, Want To Partner?

Please email to book any of these training courses on site or to book a place on a public training event. Also contact us to discuss your individual requirements or to discuss partnering with Limited to offer a public class through your own company. We will be happy to discuss details if you are interested in partnering with Limited.