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PFCLObfuscate - Protect Your PL/SQL

PFCLObfuscate allows you to protect the PL/SQL in your database without relying on Oracle's wrap.exe program. PFCLObfuscate is a very flexible and powerful tool that can be used to protect the Intellectual Property (IPR) in the actual PL/SQL. Sometimes the value or secrets are the code itself and PFCLObfuscate can be used to protect this code. PFCLObfuscate allows you to remove the meaning from PL/SQL, yet it is still completely valid PL/SQL. This makes it much harder for someone gaining access to your database to read and understand your code.

PFCLObfuscate also allows you to add license type features to your PL/SQL. This means that you can enable a license file that specifies such things as start dates and end dates to control how long and where your customers or employees can run your PL/SQL code. This licensing is added automatically to your PL/SQL code.

PFCLObfuscate is a command line tool and runs on a Windows PC. Because it is command line it can easily be integrated into other existing build programs and processes. PFCLObfuscate is licensed per installation of PFCLObfuscate and there are no fees or royalties for the protected PL/SQL.