Auditing an Oracle database for security issues is very important. provides all of the information and tools that you will need Click here for details of Limited's detailed Oracle database security audit service Click here for details of Limited's Oracle Security Training Courses
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Oracle Security Audit Service Limited's Oracle database IT security health check service has been designed by Pete Finnigan, a principal consultant with years of real world experience in auditing and securing, designing and hardening customers Oracle databases. Pete is also well known for writing and presenting extensively in the area of Oracle security.

This audit is very detailed and in-depth and is "conducted by hand". This audit is one of the most detailed security audits of an Oracle database available anywhere.

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Correction Strategy and Checking Service

If you have had an Oracle database security audit performed against one or more of your databases either by Limited or another organisation or you have simply run or had run commercial tools internally or checked a few issues by hand coded queries perhaps based on a checklist such as the CIS benchmark then the next steps are:

  1. Decide on severity / risk / timescale / budget.
  2. Review the Oracle database security audit or health check report and decide what to fix.
  3. Optionally create a policy / baseline standard or check list for Oracle database security for your organisation.
  4. Implement the fixes.
  5. Test for compliance Limited is ideally placed to help with some or all of these elements. We offer tailored services in these areas.

Details of all of our consulting services will be added very soon. Don't worry, if you do not see here the service you require but its related to the security of your data then we can help. Please contact us at in the first instance.

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