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Oracle Security Videos by Pete Finnigan

The following table lists all the videos and recordings where I can find links to. These are where I have appeared on video or recorded sound only discussing Oracle security. There have been a number of recordings and videos made of me speaking over the years and some I can still find and some not!

The following are videos and sound recordings with Pete Finnigan

Video Title Description
Delphix and Oracle Security

This is the presentation that I did with Delphix over webex on the 30th March 2016. Delphix recorded the session and you can register and then listen to the one hour session. In it I talk about Oracle security in general and also how Delhix can help with replicating pre-locked down and secured databases to non-production. If you have also enabled audit trails in the database copied from by Delhix then these also get replicated

The second half of the talk discusses data masking and peoples tendency to not mask data as it is copiued to non-production. The subject of data masking is explored along with Delhix's solution and includes a walk-through of my using the Delphix data masking product.NOTE: that to see the video you need to give some limited details.

Pete Finnigan Talking

This is a link to a play list on our YouTube channel where i have found videos where I have spoken about Oracle Security with various organisations.