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Jul 5th, 2022, 7:45am
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Professional Website Design Company
« on: Apr 28th, 2007, 11:16am »
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I consider website a top notch resource, so wanted to share some of my personal experiences here… If you are not in the industry, please don’t waste your time, as this wouldn’t make much sense to you Smiley
I try to stay current on all issues concerning web design, web development, search engine optimization and all the other bells and whistles that come with those Smiley, so I kind of know what www stands for… Continually educating myself gives me some advantage in dealing with the most professional website design companies, like Zallas Technologies (, which is the company that I want to talk about here... All went well, at first, and I have been receiving an e-mail update almost every day (quite unique for this industry, I have to tell you…) Scott, my husband, told me that we should outsource 2 more projects to Zallas people immediately, but I decided to wait (and boy, was I right!?).  
A week later, after they gave us only about 10-15 designs to choose from (I was expecting at least 30 by now), they assign 2 more managers to our account – 1 from QA and 1 from the Technology Team… Before, we only dealt with the Project manager and the Design Team guy (what a hassle to deal with so many dedicated professionals, I have to tell you…) Confused? Read along, as this is not over yet…
After they satisfied my design preference and I have decided to go with the mockup #62, version C, they give me all these tools to manage my site: a CMS to manage all the content throughout my website any time I want (who would want such a thing, right?), a CRM to manage all the clients within my site, down to the contact information, calendar of events, client statuses, phone calls, etc.
Anyway, they gave me so much, that I am confused… I thought I was clear in my ad, that I want a site exactly like eBay for under $1500 – is that so hard to do? I didn’t know that there’s such a complex backend system involved… tracking statistics, managing disputes, resolving transaction problems and vendor relations… Did you know that the traffic goes down during the American Idol show? Wow...  
Anyway, after 6 weeks of development, I was running my online website business without a single internal resource – everything is automated (I have no one to talk to…). I miss those days when I had 2 personal assistants and 3 salespeople (and we still couldn’t put it all together), and now all of a sudden, my website is running it all? I start to think that it’s actually not bad and am currently considering paying a second invoice after running my store for about 7 months and making a ton… Maybe, after all, it’s a two-way street and we should respect our vendors as much as they are dedicated to us. Hmmm…
Dedicated to all webmasters, website developers and professional website design companies in this tough, but rewarding business. You are the creative minds behind our future – the Internet!
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