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Mar 6th, 2021, 5:29am
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   Author  Topic: DBURITYPE  (Read 6237 times)
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« on: Sep 25th, 2005, 6:06am »
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1. DBURITYPE constructor takes two arguments URL:VARCHAR2 and  
SPARE:RAW. Does anybody know what's the use of the second argument,  
SPARE? Documentation seems to be completely silent about it.  
2. DBUri Servlet allows you to extract more than one row from a table  
by using rowsettag  
With DBURITYPE the documentation says: "A DBUri must identify exactly a  
single data value, either an object type or a collection. If the data  
value is an entire row, you indicate that by including a ROW node. The  
DBUri can also point to an entire table."  
If you try using DBURITYPE to return more than one row (except for when  
returning a full table) you'll get this error message: ORA-19003:  
Missing XML root element name.  
OK, XPath refers a single row.  
OK, returns the whole table  
ORA-19003: Missing XML root element name  
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBURITYPE", line 21  
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBURITYPE", line 31  
ORA-06512: at line 1  
Is there a way to make DBURITYPE return more than one row? Could SPARE  
argument play a role in this?  
This behavior doesn't seem to make any sense to me. It's OK to have  
DBUri Servlet return more than one row but with DBURITYPE you have to  
give a path that either returns the whole table or exactly a single row.
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