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   Author  Topic: Oracle Consultant, Sacramento CA  (Read 6152 times)
Pete Finnigan Administrator

Oracle Security is easier if you design for it

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Oracle Consultant, Sacramento CA
« on: Mar 20th, 2006, 2:17am »
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Founded in 1992, Quilogy empowers clients to solve complex business problems through the innovative use of emerging technologies. Quilogy has 14 offices nationwide and focuses on healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and public-sector clients. Quilogy solutions include: Application Development & Infrastructure; Customer Relationship Management; Business Operations & Productivity; Portals & Collaboration; Business Intelligence & Integration; Interactive; Hosting; and Training. For complete information, visit
Quilogy is currently seeking an Oracle DBA at its Sacramento, CA office. Quilogy is the art and science of business and has been officially certified by several leading software corporations such as Microsoft and Oracle. Quilogy offers strategy, creative, hosting, training, and technology services. We specialize in providing high quality, vendor-certified, full service solutions. Quilogy is committed to utilizing the latest technology and is known for its superior service, Oracle consulting, training, and application development.
Quilogy Sacramento is a superior Oracle DBA consulting company in Sacramento, CA.
Quilogy Sacramento is the ONLY Oracle University Training Center in Sacramento, CA.
 Benefit to You (our potential new employee):
As much certified Oracle Training as you need to be successful with follow-up mentoring/collaboration with our OUTSTANDING DBA staff!
Benefit to Quilogy and our customers:
A long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship!
The Oracle DBA Consultant will work on major system development projects. The ideal candidate must be results oriented and have strong technical aptitude. Qualifications include:
    * Must have 4+ years Oracle DBA working experience
    * Must have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and multi-tasking capabilities
    * Must have Oracle 8i and 9i DBA skills
    * Oracle 10g DBA skills a big plus
    * Must perform consulting engagements at client sites. Consulting experience a big plus but not required
    * Must have strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    * Desire to teach Oracle Training Classes a plus but not required. Teaching experience a plus but not required
    * Working experience with Oracle 9iAS and 10g application server a plus
    * Data Warehousing/OLAP experience a plus
    * Cognos, Infomatica, Business Objects a plus
    * Development background using Oracle Developer (Forms and Reports) and/or Oracle Discoverer a plus
Along with an excellent benefits package and competitive salary, Quilogy offers the opportunity and training to help you achieve your technical certifications. Check our website at to see what opportunities await you!
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Pete Finnigan Administrator

Oracle Security is easier if you design for it

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Re: Oracle Consultant, Sacramento CA
« Reply #1 on: May 29th, 2010, 2:10pm »
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that seems a very hard and difficult work
but we can try to improve our skills i think
4 years working experience and so many other skills,
tha's ok
but how about working conditions and ..........salary?
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