Auditing an Oracle database for security issues is very important. provides all of the information and tools that you will need Click here for details of Limited's detailed Oracle database security audit service Click here for details of Limited's Oracle Security Training Courses
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All previous newsletters are available from this page.

NewsLetter Date Description
News Letter 003 Issued 15th October 2008 This is the third limited newsletter again in the same style as the previous one. This newsletter includes some company news, training events, speaking events, some talk about the CPUs and some general Oracle security news.
News Letter 002 Issued 14th August 2008 This second newsletter is a different style to the first and is written in text not Word and is transformed here to HTML. The newsletter covers some of the recent issues related to Oracle security and also highlights the plans for the newsletter and covers some of what we are doing in the company.
News Letter 001 Issued 15 July 2003 This first newsletter starts off the series by introducing Pete Finnigan and A couple of short news items follow and then a discussion and some brief technical examples follow on the subject of blocking users from using SQL*Plus.