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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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Happy 21st Birthday to Limited

My company Limited is 21 years old today!!

It seems that time has gone so fast. When I started the company my oldest son was a baby and now he is almost 22 years old and works here in our offices doing marketing.

I wanted to focus on helping people secure data in their Oracle databases. I think I have achieved this goal very successfully. We (and I) help people in many ways secure data in their Oracle databases and sometimes other databases. We specialise in securing data in Oracle databases but the ideas and techniques and knowledge we use also transcends other databases.

We do:

  • Oracle Security Audits :We do a detailed review of customers Oracle databases and present the best cost effective strategy for them to secure their data

  • Consult in all areas of Oracle security :We have consulted in so many areas of securing Oracle over the years and still do. Anything that relates to Oracle security we have helped with including audit trail designs, encryption in the database, use of HSM, Oracle key Vault, Database Vault, VPD, OLS, Masking and many many more...

  • Specialist consulting; part of your team :We also are the Oracle security specialist in some companies teams. We work on a call off basis so that you can include us as needed in your projects and we bill to the minute. We work with a small number of companies doing this now and we keep it small to be able to fully support the clients. Talk to us if you would like a very cost effective way to have an Oracle security expert as part of your team when needed

  • Securing PL/SQL : We do PL/SQL security code reviews and also help customer protect their PL/SQL with obfuscation

  • Development consulting :We help companies in the development of software in the area of Oracle security with consulting and sometimes development help

  • We have multiple software products :

    • PFCLScan :Scan your database for security issues and vulnerabilities

    • PFCLCode :Review your PL/SQL code for security flaws

    • PFCLObfuscate :Protect your PL/SQL

    • PFCLForensics :Manage a database data breach, perform live response and perform forensic analysis

    • PFCLCookie :Assess a website for cookies used

  • Oracle Security Training :We have over ten days of expert training in all areas of securing data in an Oracle database

  • Blogging, Speaking and presenting :We like to give away expertise for free via blogging, presenting, our website and free scripts and tools

What about the next 21 years of helping people secure data in an Oracle database (or other database)?

The one thing I can say about the last 21 years is that when I started there was literally no one else doing what I did which was specialising in deep detailed help and advice to secure data in Oracle. There was little to no evidence of much Oracle security going on. Security patches had not long started at that point; there were limited hardening advice and most people did not do a deep job on designing and securing databases. I remember cold calling companies back in 2023 and being able to speak to the right person and they were in the most part interested in what I had to say and offer BUT there was no budget to secure Oracle databases; the budgets went on network security and desktop security.

Most databases back then I did get to see had no security and most were the reverse of secure; i.e. everyone used SYS and SYSTEM and schemas, passwords not protected or changed in more than 10 years, no schema level security design, no hardening and ....

There was also often a kick back against security of Oracle often for fear it would break the running system and often because a lot of people didn't want to give away their elevated access. Some didn't want me to see and report on the bad practices as they knew deep down they were bad practice.

One thing back then was there were very few specialists in securing Oracle and amazingly after 21 years there are still not many out there. Why is this?, I have taught a lot through training but I guess security of Oracle is still regarded as the last task to be done in ten minutes before a new database / application goes live? so we are not needed?

I still see databases now that look like they did 21 years ago BUT the attitude and willingness to secure and learn has changed drastically in customers

The world has changed in the last 21 years; much more data theft and identity theft. Data in databases has become the new target; the new gold rush!!

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