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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

New Video of Oracle Security Vulnerability Scanning

I have just made a new video of a sample session using PFCLScan our vulnerability / security scanner for the Oracle database. In the video I show how easy it is to get started with PFCLScan and scan an Oracle database for security issues and produce a report. The tool is super easy to use and its as simple as creating a new project, adding database connection details and scanning the database and then generating a report that can be used by the security team and DBA's to review the issues and plan fixes.

Please have a look at the video and like and share. If anyone would like more details or would like to purchase a license then please contact us.

The engagement license is great value at just £110 GBP (+ VAT if applicable) and is a great way to get started and scan databases in your organisation. At this license fee level there is no risk in purchasing and having a look at your own Oracle security.
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More Oracle Security Training Manuals for Sale

I advertised here some months ago a small number of printed manuals that I found in our company storage for some of my Oracle security classes. We had these printed over the years for various classes that I taught and normally just stored them away as we cannot re-use them on a new class as I change the slides quite often and the printed versions were out of date.

Having a set of printed manuals that were not used is a pity as they cost (quite a bit) to print. At that time I decided to offer those that I found for sale. This proved to be a success as they all sold quickly on a first come first served basis.

I now have 3 more manuals for my class "How to Perform a Security Audit of an Oracle Database" that are *almost* current. They were printed recently for a private class here in the UK but three people less than was planned arrived for the class so the manuals were not used and are now not the exact same content as the classes I will teach shortly online and as we don't provide printed manuals for the online classes (only downloads) then these also cannot be re-used.

So again I am offering these three manuals for sale on a first come first served basis. The picture below is from last time but its the same printer and style so its a similar book to what you will get. I am not with the manuals now to re-photograph them but the picture would be the same anyway:

How to perform a security audit of an Oracle database

Above is a picture of the class manual for the - How to perform a security audit of an Oracle database - class. This is an A4 bound manual, Black and White and there are approximately 610 MS PPT slides. These were printed in mid 2017 and I have three copies. I will accept £75 GBP + Postage + VAT for each copy.

Please email me on if you are interested to purchase one of these course books that we have for sale. Please also let me know your postal address and I will get an accurate postage price from the post office and let you know in advance of billing you. Also as we are registered for UK VAT then we may need to also add VAT dependant on where you are. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase one of these course manuals but hurry we don't have many and we will not be repeating this. We are happy to post to anywhere that the UK Royal Mail can offer fully tracked delivery to. Last time we sold manuals to South America, North America, Canada, UK and Europe.
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New Oracle Security On-Line Training Dates Added

We have finally added new on-line training dates for some of our classes; the very popular two days "How to perform a security audit of an Oracle Database" is first followed by the one day class "Hardening and Securing Oracle" and then the one day class "Secure Coding in PL/SQL" and finally "Designing Practical Audit Trails for an Oracle Database".

Each class is going to be taught twice on USA Easter time zone - New York (USA) time and twice on UK time zone - York (UK) time - between now and November.

Please have a look at the register and details page for details of how to book your place. Each two day class is £750 (+VAT if applicable) per person and each one day class is £395 (+VAT if applicable) per person. Details and how to pay and register are in the link above. The prices are in GBP.

Each class is detailed and fast paced and includes a download of all of the class slides and also free tools and scripts that are used throughout the class for you to take away and use in your own Oracle Security endeavours. Some of the classes include complete toolkits;

Please register your places now or email at the address in the details page for more details.
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